English Tea Cup Etiquette

Published: 18th November 2009
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I am sure that everyone is familiar with a tea cup. And probably many of you have tried to use an English tea cup without knowing that it is an English tea cup. However, the use of an English tea cup especially in an English tea party or any gathering which include the presence of some English tea cups for the guests and even hosts and hostesses, involved several rules that must be followed.

So for everybody's information, the English tea cup when it is use in a certain gathering involved some English tea cup etiquettes. The English tea cup etiquette involved the proper handling of the English tea cup or the proper using of the English tea cup in general.

One of the noted English tea cup etiquettes, in terms of handling the English tea cup, is that one must remember that the best way to hold an English tea cup is by slipping the index finger to the handle of the English tea cup, up to almost the first knuckle. Then in holding the English tea cup, the balancing and securing of the English tea cup by placing the thumb above the handle of the English tea cup and granting the bottom of the handle to rest on the middle finger. In contrast to the popular belief in holding the English tea cup, it is important to note that the ring and the pinkie fingers must not be drawn out or protracted but should be made rest by curving evenly back toward the wrist.

In addition, it is noted that there are certain theories for handling the English tea cup. Such theories include first the Chinese customary belief of sipping the English tea in small English tea cups with no handle. So with that small English tea cup, there is a tendency of burning the tender and sensitive skin of the pinkie fingers which then result to holding them away form the hot English tea cup. While the other theory in handling the English tea cup is said to have dated back to the middle ages when the aristocrats ate with the use of only three fingers and the lower classes ate with all five fingers. It is noted that at that time protracting one's pinkie finger means arrogance, and was really rather tacky. So with that, it is really important to note that holding the English tea cup in that manner must be eliminated.

For further information, stirring the tea in an English tea cup, the tea must be stirred gently. Do not make noises by clinking against the sides of the English tea cup while stirring. Gently seam the tea to and fro being carefully not to touch the sides of the English tea cup as much as possible. It is also important that in English tea cup etiquette, the act of leaving the spoon in the English tea cup is a bad gesture. After stirring the tea in the English tea cup, the spoon must be placed on the right side of the saucer, behind the handle of the English tea cup. It is necessary that for English tea cup etiquette, never sip the tea from the spoon.

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